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Cosmetic Tattoo Treatments

Aroma Ki Day Spa Sydney Cosmetic Tattoo Treatments

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Cosmetic tattoo is used both to enhance a persons face and to correct imperfections, particularly on the eyebrows and lips.  Basically it is permanent make-up.

Especially effective for eyebrows, it enhances the shape and colour.  It is ideal for those with sporadic hair growth, typically from over plucking or with fair or greying hair. Eyebrows define the face and tattooing dramatically improves the appearance and gives a more youthful look.  It can also markedly assist in improving the symmetry of the face, which is how we judge beauty.

Also popular is permanent eyeliner and lipliner as well as permanent lipstick.  Wake up and look perfectly made-up!  There are a range of colours so that the ideal shades are selected for you.

This procedure is very similar to the method of body tattooing, although a pen like machine is used which has been specifically designed for cosmetic tattoo and is combined with the application of a topical anaesthetic to prevent pain and discomfort.

The cosmetic tattoo procedure takes between 1-2 ½ hrs depending on the type of treatment required.

Lisa KeysLisa Keys is a professional aesthetician who has been in the beauty industry for 25 years.  She has been practicing cosmetic tattoo since 2002.  She also has a keen eye for colour and symmetry and will assist you in choosing the very best shape and colour to suit you.  The pictures to the right are of Lisa’s clients.

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