About Maryanne

Aroma ki started in 2005 when Maryanne transformed a former bank into a specialised Sydney retreat with a modern Asian flavour.

The day spa is Maryanne’s baby, the culmination of her background in Psychology, Natural Therapies as well as Marketing and Advertising combined with living in Asia for nine years.

Maryanne’s background is varied from Psychology and a career in Market  Research, to Natural Therapies and the Spa/Beauty/Relaxation industy. She was a Market Research Psychologist for many years, advising companies on their advertising and marketing based on research she designed and carried out.

Whilst in Asia for 9 years, Maryanne studied Natural Therapies including Ki therapies and Shiatsu in Japan as well as facials, Hand Acupuncture, Reiki and Massage in Korea, Spiritual Healing in the UK as well as Reflexology, Remedial Massage and Aromatherapy at Nature Care College in Sydney. She particularly loved Aromatherapy as well as Meditation and Healing. She is also a trained Counselor. She was involved in all kinds of event management and many voluntary positions, including working with disabled children in Singapore and telephone counseling in Tokyo.  On returning to Australia she completed 3 Diplomas begun whilst overseas-Aromatherapy, Remedial Massage and Healing.

Aroma ki is the materialization of a dream Maryanne has had for many years. A place that would uplift peoples’ lives and bring a sense of community with a focus on organic natural products, holistic treatments, natural therapies and nurturing.  Since opening aroma ki, she has also introduced many of the latest treatments and products that have become available globally.  A very exciting area to be involved in, the spa industry is at the forefront of many innovations and developments, namely the many contributions by science and medicine to skin revision.  Maryanne is excited by technology and all the latest offerings available.  She aims to bring the best of the best to her clients at aroma ki, responding to client demand and tirelessly researching the best of what is launched on the market.

Aroma ki is a haven to truly relax and revive in this stressful world.  It is also where you can find the latest in results oriented treatments and organic products available today.