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At aroma ki we have a wide range of facials treatments for all major skincare concerns including Ageing, Pigmentation, Acne, Rosacea, Wrinkles, Fine Lines and Scarring. 

You may wish to have a full consultation to assess which treatment/s best suit your requirements.  Call to book a free consultation now on 0455 508 500 (these sessions take up to about 30 minutes – and are in person at the salon with one of our skin specialists). During this time we will assess your requirements and recommend a course of treatments and products to support the treatment plan.

Face | Specialist Facial Treatments and Courses

Collagen Induction (4-6 Treatments required) -From $210 per treatment)

An advanced medical treatment with dramatic results to treat ageing skin and acne scarring. With similar results to Fraxel Laser and Chemical Peels. We have the latest Dermapen 4, medical grade equipment which is now so fast we no longer use numbing cream for most treatments. Minimal downtime, there is usually just some redness for a few hours.  Initial Consultation required.

Non Surgical Facelift Package Venus Freeze Plus

An alternative to Surgery, the Medical Grade Venus Freeze Plus uses Radio Frequency and PEMF (pulsed electro magnetic fields) to stimulate extra collagen and elastin production and tighten elastin. With treatments performed once or twice  a week to face and neck to tighten and tone the skin, restoring a noticeably healthier, more youthful appearance. Initial Consultation required.

Treatment programs are tailored to suit your specific skincare concerns.

Alternative to a Chemical Peel without the downtime. Treats pigmentation and evens out skin tone-8 treatments over 12 weeks. Enzyme and Alkaline Treatments are combined to improve skin function, with prescriptive skin nutrition. Initial Consultation required.

Chemical Peel-a course of treatments - Tailored to suit your skin concerns

An effective resurfacing procedure for dramatic results in rejuvenating the skin. This program includes 2 Peel applications and 2 follow up Enzyme Therapy Facials. Ideal for treating Pigmentation and Acne scarring as well as for noticeable rejuvenation of wrinkles and sagging skin.
Consultation is required as well as at least 3 Enzyme Therapy Facials prior to procedure.

Anti wrinkle Injectibles, Fillers & Anti-wrinkle Treatments - $POA

Medical Doctor performs these Injectibles for anti-ageing, facial contouring and lip enhancements.

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